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“The Next Generation of Lab Created Moissanite”.


Being the proud owner of an ISD Gemstone entitles you to become an honoured part of the ISD family and shows that you have made an ethical and affordable choice for the social and environmental world we live in today.
With each ISD gemstone purchase, you will receive a certified (numbered) registration/warranty card. (As per below display card). Our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the gemstone only. All ISD Moissanite’s are conflict free, Eco friendly and Affordable Luxury.

The terms of the ISD Gemstone Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to ISD Gemstones only. ISD Gemstones are subject to the terms as set forth below. The ISD warranty does not warrant against theft, loss, or misuse of your ISD Gemstone. Regular maintenance and yearly check-up of your ISD Gemstone with the original jeweller or store of purchase is recommended.

  • The ISD warranty is non-transferable. (Can only be registered to one person per numbered warranty card).
  • The ISD warranty must be activated within 90 days of purchase with all information required on Registration form.
  • The ISD warranty covers changes to the optical properties (Brilliance, Colour and Clarity only) of the ISD gemstone.
  • Upon registration of your online warranty, you must clearly fill out all required fields and clearly state the retail place of purchase.
  • You must retain your original receipt, or provide bank or credit card transaction copies as proof of original ISD Gemstone purchase.
  • You must return to the original place of purchase (stated at registration) for any ISD Gemstone claim. Note: If the original place of purchase is no longer in business, please visit your local jeweller and have them contact us at

If there are any issue with the optical properties of your gemstone, please return to your place of purchase. They will contact Interstella Diamonds for replacement if required.


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